Sunny Six: Fitness Edition

The Sunny Six is a monthly feature of six of my favorite items. These items are essential to my well being as a wife, mother, grad student, human, nerd, and whatever else I feel like being that day. If you fall into any of those categories, or none of those categories, I hope you find some of the items featured helpful to you. This features essentials for the active person.

I hope you like the products I recommend. Sunny in June may collect a small percentage of sales from the links on this page.

Hydroflask I’ve raved about Hydroflask before, but I will again! This bottle is such a lifesaver. It keeps your liquids the same temperature you initially poured for 24 hours. I bring a blender bottle with my supplements into the gym but leave my Hydroflask in the car. Freezing cold or blazing hot outside, whenever I come back into the car to drink water, it’s still ice cold as if I just poured it. On long road trips, I’ve stored milk in it and poured into a sippy cup as needed and it still stayed cold. The color I have is called “Citron” but there are different colors and sizes available.

Zombies, Run! App

I don’t know about you, but I’m the laziest active person ever. I’m pretty much unmotivated to work out until I'm about halfway through my warm up. High blood pressure and high cholesterol run in my family and with the way I eat, I’m bound to be on medication. Since I hate taking medicine, I have to do cardio. Zombies, Run! Is an augmented reality “game” where there is a zombie apocalypse and you are Runner 5. You need to run to complete missions, collect survival items, and help you and the rest of the town survive. Your music (music downloaded on your phone or an external music player like Pandora or Spotify) can be played in the background when the story isn’t playing out. You can enable zombie chases where zombies “chase” you, while the story is playing. You hear zombie noises in the background of your headphones and if you don’t run faster the noises grow louder and the zombies “capture” you. If that isn’t motivating enough, I don’t know what is. The story line is immersive and you really bond with the characters that you’re “running” with. My sister introduced me to this app and she told me she broke down crying on the side of the road while running to this app. I run on the treadmill with this and I’ve let out a loud gasp in a quiet gym but I haven’t gotten far in the story enough to cry yet, so we’ll see. This FREE app uses GPS or steps to track you, so you can use this on the treadmill, elliptical, or running on the road.

Formula Dispenser

This is a gym hack I found a while ago when I was bringing different shaker bottles full of supplements and a few bottles of water in my gym bag. My bag was getting too bulky for all of that so I condensed to one shaker bottle, a few bottles of water, and this formula dispenser! The formula dispenser is perfect for your gym bag because it’s already split up into three separate compartments – one for pre-workout, one for BCAAs (intra-workout), and one for protein (post workout). All you need is water and one blender bottle and you’re good to go! Less dishes to clean when you get home too! If you decide to use this life hack but don’t want to pull out the juvenile looking formula dispenser – here is one with a more minimalist look.

Nathan Belt

Maybe I’m too buff (lol, nope.) or maybe I’m too sweaty (lol, yup!) but I really don’t like those arm cuffs that hold your phone when you work out. I feel like I’m getting my blood pressure taken, then my phone is all gross, and my arm is all sweaty. Ugh, I just don’t like it. For Christmas, my husband gave me this life changer. It’s a band that goes around your waist! I put my ID, my phone, and my keys in it and I put it on my hips, over my pants, so it doesn’t touch my skin, and none of my stuff gets sweaty! There are other belts out there where its only one pocket and a zipper and you flip it over so its reinforced. For me, the zipper is too pokey and I have too many things for just one big pocket. This belt has four pockets all around so you can distribute your stuff and weight evenly around your hips. The overlapping pocket makes it so your things are secure when you’re moving around during exercise and a pokey zipper isn’t needed.

Bluetooth Headphones

My husband got me PowerBeats by Dre Bluetooth headphones one Christmas and they are AMAZING. They are a little pricey, but I’ve had them for over two years and I think it’s worth the investment. Before I used to work out with headphones that used to plug into your phone. I got tangled in cords, dropped them on the gross gym floor, the cord got sweaty, and I had to unplug them to answer a phone call. With Bluetooth headphones you need to charge them but then they're completely hands free. Using the button on the side of the headphones, I can change the music, increase or decrease the volume, and answer a call. PowerBeats are water and sweat resistant, I’ve went on runs in the summer, wore them in a sauna, and went on runs while it drizzled and I had no problems. They’re not water-proof so don’t like, swim with them, or clean them under running water. Once they get gross, wipe it with a Lysol wipe and they're ready to go. A lot of my dancer friends use these too because apparently the sound quality is good and you can hear every beat. I never really paid attention but I'll start, I just like how I can sweat a lot and not get tangled in them. I especially love how there is an over the ear piece. I have pretty big ears, and the headphones with “just the bud” aren’t enough for me. These headphones also hold a charge for days! I’ve gotten Jay these Jay Bird headphones which are cheaper than the PowerBeats, he said they are similar to the PowerBeats but they don’t hold the charge as long.

Here is an affordable bluetooth headphone option that had the best amazon reviews WITH an over the ear feature!

Vans No Show Socks

Picture this: you’re motivated, working out, completing a zombie mission, and suddenly your sock starts slipping down your foot! You keep running and think about stopping to fix your sock, when zombies start to chase you. So you run, with a sock halfway down your foot, miserable. I don’t know about you, but I HAAAATE when I have a slippy sock. After dozens of trial and error socks, sucking it up and going sockless (not when I work out of course, gross.), and wearing ugly ankle socks that show, I have finally found a sock that doesn’t slip off my foot! I have very thin and bony feet, so finding a sock that had the “no show look” was difficult!

look at this beautiful, "sticky", reinforced, life saving, non slippy heel. so. beautiful.

This sock is like a hug for your foot. It also comes with a reinforced “sticky” heel so you don’t have to worry about the slippy sock problem. At $14 for a pack of three, it’s like $4 per pair of socks. At your local Vans store, they some times do a Buy One Get One Free. They also offer a military and some stores honor a student discount!

What are some of your favorite workout essentials? Share them with me!

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