big kids go play: hanging out in Louisville on a budget

We were blessed to have friends and family come visit us in Kentucky for Isaac’s first birthday. Both grandma’s stayed home with the kids while the big kids (Jay’s best friend and godfather to our kids – Ellis, Jay, and I) went out to play in Louisville. Although we all have jobs and we’re technically “adults”, we’re all on a budget.

First thing we did was go to Cave Hill Cemetery to visit The Greatest, Muhammad Ali. It was surreal being feet away from such a prominent figure in history. I loved and appreciated his simple gravestone. His life and career was so decorated that his name was beautiful enough, ornate figures and other quotes would be unnecessary.

Cave Hill Cemetery is picturesque and has many hauntingly beautiful gravestones. This is the final resting place of famous Kentuckians – Colonel Sanders of KFC and magician Harry Leon Collins, to name a few. There is a section dedicated to the military. I’m not sure if I would take our kids here yet because Isaac is only 1 and he doesn’t really care but maybe Caleb would like it. He’s old enough to appreciate the scenery but not old enough to understand. Price: Free

After we paid our respects, we visited the Muhammad Ali Center.

This museum and cultural center is a collection of Ali’s life and accomplishments. This place is perfect for both kids and adults. There’s an interactive section that allows you to train like Ali and lots of old footage of his fights that’s entertaining for both adults and little ones.

My favorite part of the museum is all of the old footage shown on screens all over the center because it showcases his skill but also his personality. There’s personal memorabilia and the ring from the movie Ali. Price: Free for Active Military and Dependents

We walked to Doc Crow’s for a late lunch. Although we didn’t have the kids with us, this restaurant accommodates kids with a coloring page and crayons, high chairs, and lots of corner tables to keep kids contained.

these nachos were the best nachos I've ever had in my life.

With local brews on tap, local alcohol, and lots of yummy food, this place has something for every one. Price: about $8-30 a person with drinks.

After stuffing our faces, we were about to go to Kentucky Kingdom for $34 a person, but seeing as full bellies and roller coasters don’t mix, we decided to just walk around to digest. We stumbled upon 21C – a hotel and FREE museum.

The exhibits rotate every so often, but the current one is really cool. From far away, these art structures are gorgeous representations of religious practice, but if you take a closer look…

The museum is open 24 hours a day, has 3 levels, and continues down hallways, in the bathroom, and some works of art are outside. Bring your kids at your own discretion, the exhibits are tempting to touch and some nudity is on display. Price: Free

Since we were in the building, we had a few drinks at Proof, which is attached to the hotel and museum. The bar menu was super fancy and very extensive. We had two rounds of drinks. The first round we ordered our own drink, the second round we ordered drinks for the person to the left.

Both rounds were good, with such a big menu you’re bound to find something that you like. Since Proof is both a restaurant and a bar, kids are allowed. We saw a young man with his parents and a couple with a toddler in the stroller. Price: about $10 per drink (we drank cocktails and mixed drinks)

After a few drinks in us, we decided to walk to The Kentucky Science Center.

This is just one big playground and since we went after 6PM, it wasn’t busy at all. I could imagine how busy this place could get.

This place is obviously perfect for kids of all ages but adults can have fun there too! There are 3 different floors, the first floor is mostly for toddlers, infants, and exploration. The top two floors are for experiments. Price: After 5PM it’s only $5!

We got ice cream and walked the Big Four Bridge and had some drinks at a bar in Jeffersonville and called it a night. All together we spent about $70 per person which isn’t too bad for a full day out with lots of eating, drinking, and sightseeing!

When friends come to visit you, what are some things you like to do with them?

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