from sweaty to stunning

For the times you accidentally spent too much time on your phone between sets or you got such a good work out in you lost track of time and now you’re running late with no time to shower! Here’s how you go from sweaty to stunning in 15 minutes(ish).

Normally, I shower after I work out because I am a profuse sweater and disgustingly haggard. But when you’re in a time crunch, you need to triage.

helloooo sweat collar!

12:31pm, aaaaand GO!

Triage what you need to wash. You need to wash your body? Just your face? Your lady parts?

Brush your hair and blow dry your roots because, you know, sweat.

Use your favorite dry shampoo. In my case, it’s baby powder.

I put it in the crown and the sides of my head, especially by my temples. My mom says baby powder causes cancer, though, so I might have to actually go and buy dry shampoo. My mom also told me to sell my house because it has an odd amount of stairs, so……

Prioritize your face.

If you have time to put on your entire face, do it! If you can’t, just use an abbreviated version of your daily make up routine. I use:

Matte Face Powder

Eyebrow Powder


Mascara - yes! for ugly mascara face and boxing wounds!

and I finish with Shine Reducing Setting Powder. It's really humid in the south!

Assess your hair.

Sometimes your hair looks good after the blow dry and dry shampoo step. Sometimes it needs a little TLC from your heat styling tools. I just flat iron my baby hairs (thanks postpartum hair loss!) and I take big chunks of hair and curl them and brush out the curls.

Now all you have to do is change your clothes, put your shoes on, grab your purse, your kids, and go!

12:45pm. BOOM! :)

What are some shortcuts that you do in your beauty routine when you're trying to save time after a work out?

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