Mom Life Hack: 8 Tips & tricks for looking put together when you have NO. TIME.

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TV portrays the “quintessential mom” as an overwhelmed, coffee guzzling, messy haired, flustered woman, screaming at her kids to eat their food. Well, that’s my household, except my husband isn’t home to help. Army wife problems. As a teacher and a mom to a very outspoken boy, I know first hand that kids say exactly what's on their mind. If I’m driving the struggle bus because I only slept 2 hours and I’m dressed like a preteen boy, my kids are gonna let me know. So, after making the life choice to be graceful about solo parenting, I found a few tips that helped me that I hope to pass on to you.

Shower and do the majority of your hair styling at night Showering and blow drying your hair at night will buy you some crucial sleep time. I have naturally wavy hair. If I want to wear it straight, I’ll style it then wrap my hair in a silk scarf and go to bed. In the morning, I run my straightener through the dents. If I’m wearing my hair naturally, I put product in and let it air dry completely before going to sleep. In the morning, I “wake up” my hair with water or sea salt spray and use my curling iron on some of the stubborn pieces.

Ditch the razor. Wax! My parents blessed me with fine body hair. Yay, Asian genes! Its thin, and a little bit hard to see, but its still there. Instead of shaving, I wax my underarms and my legs. As you wax, your hair grows back more fine. Once you wax, you don’t have to think about the hair on your legs on your under arms for at least two weeks. I get the Nair Wax-Ready Strips and wax my legs while watching TV.

No time for make up? No problem.

Just put put eyebrows and lips on. My parents cursed me with fine body hair. Its thin and hard to see. Yay, Asian genes. One of my very good friends is a make up artist and can apply a full face with a smokey eye in 10 minutes. I, unfortunately, cannot. So, they told me “if you are running late, at least put on brows because they frame the eyes and highlight your best features”. I also do a bold lip because I feel like it acts as a distraction from the massive bags under my eyes that I didn’t have time to put concealer over. I skip the mascara because you need a steady hand to apply. When you have a baby and toddler pulling at your clothes, its impossible to keep your hand steady.

Dress up with dresses. I love dresses, they’re so easy. It’s one piece of clothing. One whole outfit in one piece of clothing! You can dress it up, you can dress it down, they’re comfortable, they can hide your food baby… You can still look nice, even though you’re sweaty, and you’re toting two kids around.

Use eye drops. Nothing screams “Tired Mom” more than bloodshot eyes. Putting redness relief drops in your eyes makes it look like you actually got a full 8 hours of sleep. I bought Rhoto eye drops that make the whites of your eyes so bright, they almost glow. Fair warning through they have a “minty” feeling that some people don’t like. I like the “cooling” feeling because it wakes me up a bit.

Baby Powder, baby. If you shake some baby powder into your hands and rub it together, then rub your scalp, the baby powder soaks up the oil from your hair. Run a brush through it and boom, you’re ready to conquer your day with great hair. I like it better than dry shampoo because its cheaper and I always have some.

Pick up some extra napkins on your next coffee run. Army bases are located in really inconvenient places, where its really hot and humid in the summer and your face is constantly greasy. I have accumulated a large stash of brown napkins in the glove compartment of my car because, kids. They work wonders for blotting your face of all the oil without taking your make up off. Take a napkin and blot and boom, you go from “greasy” to “gorge” in 5 seconds.

Use hot rollers. I urge all the mama’s out there to go and purchase some hot rollers, NOW! I got my hot rollers from Amazon. They’re amazing and such a time saver. I like to use these when I’m short on time because you set them in your hair and you have two free hands and the mobility to do whatever you need to do (eat, put make up on, get kids ready…) There have been times where I was that lady driving in her car with hot rollers in, taking them out at the stoplight.

Whether you go about your day in a messy bun and glasses or full Kardashian glam, I hope this post helps you out.

What are some of your survival tips on looking like you have you life together?

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