book hangover

Many of my friends are like "new chapter, new adventures!"....but I really liked the last chapter I was in!

Luckily I am not a tree, I can pick up and move wherever and whenever I want. My kids are really resilient - give one of them an empty water bottle to play with and make a raptor sound at the other and they'll be your BFF.

Caleb is suffering from a bad case of cabin fever. He said, "Mommy, can we go on a walk around the neighborhood? I need to find friends to play with." So Jay and Caleb went on a walk to catch Pokemon -- I mean... find neighborhood kids. That idea was quickly shut down with the torrential downpour that occurred.

Being married to the military is tough. You need to roll with the punches. You can't focus on the "What If's" or the "I Wish". You are *the* backbone - one of the few constant things in your family's life. So I started this blog.

Cheers to a new chapter and me actually writing it down.

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