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Hello! I'm Justine. I'm a self-proclaimed cool mom. I am also wife, free-spirit, ambivert, semi-fit, semi-healthy, lover of food and lover of life. I am a teacher turned slay-at-home-mom. I received my Bachelor's from UNLV and was awarded my Masters of Science in Education for Curriculum and Instruction in April 2017. Other than hanging with my family, I like to cook, read, watch unhealthy amounts of Netflix, and nap. When I'm not blogging, reading, taking care of a kid, or hanging with my husband, I'm usually Yelping a new restaurant to try, figuring out our next family adventure,  or watching drag queen transformations on YouTube. You can read a little more about me here

I love and take care of four handsome gentlemen. My oldest, Caleb who is 7, is an aspiring ninja popstar. He loves anything and everything about dinosaurs, squids, and octopus's. He's a super helper and my right hand man when dad is deployed.

Isaac is my middle son, he's 3. He loves singing, dancing, playing soccer, reading, telling jokes, and voicing his opinion.

Lucas is my baby! He's almost 2. He likes music, waffles, screaming, stealing your food, and hitting his brothers for no reason. He's very stubborn,  has super chubby cheeks and really funny hair.

The last and most important dude I take care of is my husband, Jay, who is in the military. Don't ask me what he does because it's really hard to keep track of all those acronyms. He likes things like cereal late at night, chips at any time of the day, dad jokes, lifting weights, Kobe Bryant, his car, and getting haircuts. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to make you laugh, make you cry, and make you say "LOL! same." Subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest


I'm Justine. I'm married to the military and a mother to brothers. Welcome to my little space on the web!

It's Always Sunny in June is a lifestyle blog. I write about traveling, eco-friendly and sustainable living, motherhood, childhood anxiety, and life!

I'm far from perfect, I'm a little sarcastic, a little self-deprecating -  but always awesome and always looking on the sunny side of life! Click around and stay a while! 

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