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I started "It's Always Sunny in June" as a means to stay connected to my family and friends all over the world. 

Here, you'll read a bunch of stuff about traveling with kids, eco-conscious and sustainable living, childhood anxiety, self love, life as a military family, and everything in-between for keeping my sanity as a woman, mother, and wife. I pride my blog posts and social media presence to be very relatable, genuine, and somewhat sarcastic, scrappy, and self- deprecating. My life motto is: I take my work seriously. I take my kids seriously. Myself? Meh. 

I'm a proud first generation Filipina. I was born and raised in the MidWest, grew up on the West Coast, and currently living wherever the military sends us (right now, its Singapore! but we've lived in SEVEN different places in the seven years we have been married 😳😱). Sunny in June will give you a hilarious glimpse on how my husband and I are trying to raise our boys in modern times while keeping with the asian traditions.  


My husband, Jay, came up with the name “It’s Always Sunny in June”. My middle name is June and it’s also the month I was born in. I understand that in some parts of the world, June is monsoon season. The name stuck because as individuals and as a family we make the best of any situation. With Jay's job, we have been thrown into some really challenging circumstances but we continue to roll with the punches. At the end of the day, we can’t dwell on the negative but as a family we collectively work together for something bigger than ourselves. We always look on the sunny side of life! 


I'm Justine. I'm married to the military and a mother to brothers. Welcome to my little space on the web!

It's Always Sunny in June is a lifestyle blog. I write about traveling, eco-friendly and sustainable living, motherhood, childhood anxiety, and life!

I'm far from perfect, I'm a little sarcastic, a little self-deprecating -  but always awesome and always looking on the sunny side of life! Click around and stay a while! 

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