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I started "It's Always Sunny in June" in 2016 as a kids fashion blog and as means to stay connected to my family and friends all over the world.

Since then, its morphed into a lifestyle blog where I write about travel, living low-waste and being more eco-concious, promoting ethical and/or sustainable brands, and bits and pieces of life as a mother, woman, and millennial.

After turning 30, blood tests confirmed that I was allergic to... basically everything... so you'll see lots of plant-based/natural, non toxic, clean, cruelty-free, and vegan stuff on here. You can read more about it here.

I try and live by the words: leave things better than how you found it.

My husband, Jay, came up with the name “It’s Always Sunny in June”. My middle name is June and it’s also the month I was born in. June is monsoon season, ya'll... when the sun does shine it's gross and hot. But the name stuck because I try and make the best of any situation. With Jay's job, we have been thrown into some really crappy circumstances but we continue to roll with the punches. I am way too busy to dwell on the negative. As a family we collectively work together for something bigger than ourselves. We always look on the sunny side of life!